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Taking the Effort Out of Yard Work: A Guide to Craftsman Self-Propelled Push Mowers

Craftsman 21” Self-Propelled Lawn Mower with Added Traction

Maintaining a beautiful lawn can be a chore, especially when pushing a traditional mower across vast stretches of grass. Craftsman self-propelled push mowers offer a compelling solution, combining the maneuverability of a push mower with the ease of a riding lawn mower. This blog post will delve into the features and benefits of Craftsman self-propelled mowers, helping you decide if this type of mower is the right fit for your lawn care needs.

Effortless Mowing Experience

The defining feature of a Craftsman self-propelled push mower is the self-propulsion system. This system typically utilizes a rear-wheel drive or front-wheel drive mechanism [ Source], propelling the mower forward as you walk behind it. This eliminates the need for manual pushing, reducing fatigue and making mowing large lawns significantly easier.

Power and Performance

Craftsman self-propelled mowers come in various engine sizes, typically ranging from 140cc to 196cc [Source]. This range of engine power provides options for various lawn sizes. For smaller to medium-sized lawns, a 140cc engine might suffice, while larger lawns might benefit from a mower with a more powerful 196cc engine.

Cutting Width and Features

These mowers offer cutting widths ranging from 21 to 23 inches [ Source], allowing you to efficiently mow medium to large lawns in fewer passes.

Craftsman self-propelled mowers often come with additional features to enhance your mowing experience, such as:

  • VersaCut Trimming: This system allows you to choose between side discharge, which expels grass clippings to the side, or mulching, which finely chops clippings and returns them to the lawn for a natural fertilizer.
  • Adjustable Speed Control: Some models offer adjustable speed control, allowing you to set a comfortable walking pace while the mower maintains a consistent blade speed for optimal cutting results.
  • Easy-Start Features: Most Craftsman self-propelled mowers feature recoil start systems for easy engine engagement. Some models might also offer electric start options for an even more effortless start-up.

Benefits of a Self-Propelled Mower:

  • Reduced Mowing Fatigue: The self-propelled system eliminates the need for constant pushing, making mowing large lawns less tiring.
  • Increased Efficiency: By covering more ground with less effort, you can mow your lawn in less time.
  • Maneuverability: Despite the self-propulsion system, these mowers maintain the maneuverability of a push mower, allowing for easy navigation around obstacles.

Considerations Before Buying:

When choosing a Craftsman self-propelled mower, consider the following factors:

  • Lawn Size: Match the engine power and cutting width of the mower to the size of your lawn.
  • Features: Decide which features, like adjustable speed control or electric start, are most important to you.
  • Budget: Craftsman self-propelled mowers come in a variety of price points depending on engine size, features, and build materials.


Craftsman self-propelled push mowers offer a compelling solution for homeowners with medium to large lawns. They provide the power and performance needed for efficient mowing, while the self-propelled system reduces fatigue and makes the chore significantly easier. By considering your lawn size, desired features, and budget, you can choose a Craftsman self-propelled mower that keeps your lawn looking immaculate without breaking a sweat.

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